We are a faith-based community grounded in the social message of the Gospel living 

by the ways of Community, Hospitality, and Justice.


We live in-community bringing together a variety of perspectives to learn from one another, to develop friendships, to practice gratitude. We take this same approach out to the larger community where we engage in civic opportunities and conversations. In everyone, in house and out, we seek the face of God, the source of our fundamental unity.


We practice radical hospitality by being an inclusive community of love. Anyone is welcome to our home for prayer, for food, for conversation, for encouragement. We offer a place to gather, where together we can be present to one another and experience the grace of belonging. We aim to meet needs, the stranger’s as well as our own. When we welcome the other, we welcome Jesus.


Ours is a place where civil conversation about important issues can take place, where we can learn and grow and be courageous in our speech and actions; where we can encourage one another to make a difference and to heal our individual and collective brokenness. We aim to break through stereotypes and to help correct misperceptions about people and the injustices practiced against them. By actively practicing the belief that every person is created in the image of God, we will challenge and transform the world, beginning with ourselves.

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